Monday, 31 May 2010

Do Stockton Police Care About Their City?

The billboards the Stockton Police Union has started putting up around the city are upsetting. They are bad for the city, and I don’t think they help the police officers’ cause in the long-run.

Their generous contracts are killing the city’s budget, it is an indisputable fact. The city’s tax revenues are a function of the city’s economy, yet the police union insists that their salaries are well above the average of a group of comparison cities with much higher income. And don’t get me started on their pensions.

I can understand the Police Union being upset about being asked to make serious concessions and they have the right to question them and make alternative proposals. However, as public servants, I expect that the well-being of the city is also something they consider.

Apparantly not? Otherwise, they would not be hanging these destructive and deceptive billboards around the city. Complete with blood spatter. Wonderful.
Last week, the FBI released statistics that showed crime in Stockton was down 14% in 2009, a greater decrease than the 5% avg. decline nationwide. Ordinarily, I would be giving the police kudos for their contribution to the decline, but that is difficult when they are exploiting the City’s high crime rate for their personal profit.

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